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Ava The Aviator

AVA THE AVIATOR is a world renown singer, songwriter, music producer, arranger, and actress who has lit the hearts of many on stages of across the world. "Ava The Aviator " is proving everyday that she is no ordinary girl. Unlike many other females her age, unfocused and indecisive, Ava knows exactly what she wants and is doing everything it takes to get there. The talented sensation is a singer, songwriter, and a producer. Hailing from the south, Ava migrated to St. Paul, Minnesota at the age of 10 and recently landed in Atlanta, Georgia to tackle her musical career head-on.

Ava describes her musical talents as being an innate trait. "Ever since I could talk, I could sing", says the songstress. "I remember in pre-school, I could not spell the color red. I could spell green, blue, all of my colors; just not red. My mother made a song about the color red and thats how I learned to spell it; through song", says Ava. Her mother bought her a piano at the age of 3. She recollects banging on the keys until about age 7 when she began to fine-tune her skills.

This was also the age that Ava learned to put words to her melodies to tell a story. Ava wrote her first song Bug-A-Bug, and has progressed ever since developing more intricate and complex lyrics. Growing up in a household where secular music was forbidden, she became heavily influenced by gospel artists like Yolanda Adams and Andrae Crouch. Now, much more seasoned and exposed the Ava compares her sounds to those of Erykah Badu and Jill Scott. In a mix of neo-soul, rock, classical..."Im just really different",she calmly says.

In recent years, Ava has taken full control of her career in this business. Ava and sister, Noelle, have completed two projects. Amazingly, they wrote, sung, and produced for each project. Their previous project, "Dawn of a New Day" was mixed by Alex Richbourg (Janet Jackson, Beyonce) and Levi Seacer (Prince). In a philanthropic endeavor, they have begun teaching music workshops to youth around the city. Ava also works with a production company. Ava says its destiny that she is with the company because of HER? music, With emphasis on the question mark because people would hear Ava's projects and see her at a mixing board and immediately say, Her?...She did that!!? Ava has worked with L Roc (Usher, Lil Jon, Jennifer Lopez) and No I.D. (Kanye West, Common, Jay-Z, and Nas). She has been in studios with The Dream and RL from Next. With every track she produces and every song she sings, the wondrous Ava continues to astonish her audiences.



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