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Ava The Aviator

Ava "The Aviator is a revolutionary keynote speaker and authore who recently released a new book "The Psychological Effects of Music" teaching students how music affects their behavior and how music affects their money spending habits, drinking habits, etc. She also conducts a keynote on how to wake the students up and teach them how to use music to their advantage instead of their disadvantage. Students learn how alcohol companies target them utilizing mainstream music to encourage underage drining. Once they understand how music affects teir brain, why its CRUCIAL that they critically when listening to music, and how music can affect their money, students now have the knowledge to make better choices. Johnson states, "Music has literally been used to promote prison to our students". "We have the ANSWEr on how to get through to the average at-risk student". Her? Records also offers a "Say it With Music" Recording WOrkshop where students write their own positive lyrics, create their own song, and film a music video campaigning against topics like bullying, underage drinking, etc. If you are having behavioral problems with your students, such as bullying, underage drinking, lack of interest in learning, then you need this new initiative in your program.

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