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Ava offers a powerful keynote for youth conferences, afterschool, summer/spring break camps, college and Prevention and Recovery Programs on how to wake the students up and teach them how to use music to their advantage instead of their disadvantage. Once they understand how music affects their brain, why its CRUCIAL that they think critically when listening to music, and how music can affect their money, students now have the knowledge to make better choices. Johnson states, “Music has literally been used to promote prison to our students”. “We have the ANSWER on how to get through to the average at-risk student”. If you are having behavioral problems with your students, such as bullying, underage drinking, lack of interest in learning, then you need this new initiative in your program. As an expert in entrepreneurship, Ava helps you QUIT YOUR JOB!! Let Ava help you create that life you want by positioning yourself to create the career of your dreams based on your passion.


Music and Underage Drinking

The Psychology of Music

Music and Bullying

Music and Teenage Pregnancy

Girl Power

Quit Your Job- Entrepreneurship

Live Your Dreams

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Ava The Aviator

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